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Reinforced Single End Baths

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Reinforced Double End Baths

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Bath Panels

What are Reinforced Baths?

Reinforced baths provide extra strength and insulation which helps keep your bath water warmer for longer.  This is perfect for those of you that love a long relaxing soak. 

Supercast features include:

  • Intensive reinforced finish to underside of acrylic bath.
  • Provides a strong, hard-wearing bath, with increased insulation, keeping your bath water warmer for longer.
  • Comparable strength to a cast iron bath, but with all the benefits of modern acrylic.

Tungstenite features include:

  • Reinforced Tungstenite Acrylic baths give you the power of a heavy-duty bath – without the heavy-duty cost.
  • Strengthened with an extra fibreglass layer, these 8mm baths offer a level of durability like no other and help retain heat for longer.

We offer a range of sizes for these popular reinforced baths from 1200mm to 1800mm.  You also have the option to purchase a front panel and/or an end panel when ordering.

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