Duo Tungstenite Double End Bath 1700 x 700mm




Duo Tungstenite Double End Bath 1700 x 700mm

A luxury double ended interior bath which is easy to get in and out of.
Two sloped ends adds comfort and luxury when reclining.

Includes :
Duo Tungstenite Double End Bath
Sturdy and easy to use bath legs
Pre-drilled bath waste hole
Lifetime Guarantee

Not included:

For a sleeker alternative to the classic single-ended bath, look no further than the Duo. Featuring dual ends, it creates a bigger sense of space by offering more room to relax as you soak in the bath. Centred taps mean you won’t knock your head or feet.

Reinforced Tungstenite Acrylic baths give you the power of a heavy-duty bath – without the heavy-duty cost. Strengthened with an extra fibreglass layer, these baths offer a level of durability like no other and help retain heat for longer.


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