Granada II Supercast Single End Bath – Twin Grip 1700 x 700mm




Granada II Supercast Single End Bath – Twin Grip 1700 x 700mm

A great value acrylic bath, great value if you’re looking for a high quality bath on a budget.

Includes :
Granada II Supercast Bath – Twin Grip
20 Year Guarantee

Not included:

  • 0 Tap Hole
  • Made in the UK
What is Supercast?
Supercast is a substantial reinforcement process for an acrylic bath. This reinforcement process results in each bath being incredibly strong and hard-wearing. This gives you the reminiscent assurance of an old cast iron bath with the natural warmth and quality acrylic has.
The intensive reinforcement processes and final (green) “flow coat” jacket to the entire underside of the bath adds strength and insulating properties. This keeps your bath water hotter for longer.
Features :
  • Intensive reinforced finish to underside of acrylic bath
  • Results in a strong, hard wearing bath, with increased insulation
  • Supercast baths have associated strength of an old cast iron bath but with the benefits of modern material



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