Legend Tungstenite Square Double End Bath




Legend Tungstenite Square Double End Bath

A luxury double ended style bath which is tough yet surprisingly lightweight design.
Angular design suits modern and contemporary interiors.

Includes :
Legend Tungstenite Square Double End Bath
Sturdy and easy to use bath legs
Pre-drilled bath waste hole
Lifetime Guarantee

Not included:

Designed to offer the utmost luxury, this chic Legend bath has two sloped ends giving you more space to unwind, while deep-sloped offer extra support and comfort. Plus, a durable acrylic base also ensures superior strength for lasting protection.

Reinforced Tungstenite Acrylic baths give you the power of a heavy-duty bath – without the heavy-duty cost. Strengthened with an extra fibreglass layer, these baths offer a level of durability like no other and help retain heat for longer.


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